Saturday, November 13, 2010

a lil update thingy

hey there the 4 of you that occasionally check this out. congrats for looking at this more than i type on it...hopefully somebody is reading this..

well i just finished a season of teaching outdoor education to 6th graders in the glorious mountains of colorado. i don't think i have ever enjoyed a job more than i enjoyed this one. i am on a quest to see where else i might be able to teach outdoor ed and thus learn about new eco systems and animals! give me a suggestion if you have one! anyhow, i took several hundred pictures in my free time over the last 3 months. i decided that i should start an online viewing gallery for my pics so that others can enjoy them. check the site at: i recently took a trip to yellowstone national park so be on the lookout for some pics from there!

Monday, September 6, 2010

i'm in colorado and my heart is smiling

a few things have changed since my last post. at that time, i planned to drive west and just see what i stumbled upon. earlier in the summer i had applied for a job at a YMCA in colorado. i had not heard back from the Y and had assumed that they weren't going to hire me. i got an email in early august that informed me that i'd been hired. so, i'm in colorado teaching sixth graders about the mountains, the environment and the animals therein. i really like it so far! i love the mountains and the adventure that lies in wait.

speaking of adventure: today i watched a small forest fire turn into a frantic 3000 acre blaze. the blaze started shortly after 10am. i took these attached pictures around 11am, at which point the fire had covered around 200 acres. by 6pm it was reported to have covered 3000 acres. it was very windy on the mountains today, with gusts up to 45mph. thankfully for me the wind was not pushing the fire toward the YMCA, but there are several homes that have been destroyed. i haven't heard of any deaths.

Friday, July 2, 2010


welp. i haven't been on here in a bit.

i've been living in branson for a year and a half since africa. i've been working to pay off student loans. by this time next month, the loans will be done and done... which allows me to be done and done with branson. i am elated.

i plan to head west. i guess colorado is in my sights, but i may not stop there. i'm kinda just in search of whatever is next, and west is the best.

should be an adventure!