Sunday, July 20, 2008

starting out

well, i will board a plane on July 31st and begin my 4 and a half month journey.  as of right now, about a week and a half from the day of departure, i still have not gotten my travel visas or my passport back from the travel agent.  if you wonder how you can pray for me, you can start with the passport issue.

as for now, i will not say on this blog where i am going until i find that is OK to share that information.  i hope that i will be able to share pictures and stories at some point, but i will have to wait on all of that.  i can share with you some of what i will be involved with though.  i will be helping educate new believers among the people that i will be living with.  the goal is to grow the new believers and assist them in becoming ministers of the truth themselves, so that they may join in singing the song of restoration to their people.

besides what i mentioned above, you may pray that i can quickly learn the culture, bond with the others i will be working with so that we may work together for the greater good, and that i will not rely on my own knowledge or power for anything but be confident as i walk the the spirit of truth.

sing with me

there are two songs that stand above all other melodies that i have heard sung: the anguished song of the oppressed, and the jubilant song of restoration. i have heard the song of Jesus and could not escape the truth of the love that he offers, and i have heard the cry of the hopeless, the unloved and the oppressed. i have come to understand that there is no solution, no help and no hope for these other than the love and rescue that Jesus sings over them, and over us all. Jesus seeks after those who are hopeless, misguided, confused, beaten, cast aside and unloved.  It is to them that the song of restoration is directed. i will join in singing the song of restoration to those who need to hear it, for it was once sung to me and continues to echo in my ears.